Man the Helm

Ayee, my name is Miranda♥ and I could be your new best friend. I am seventeen years of age. Love piercings, tattoos, clothes, music, and anything floral. I am one hundred percent drug and alcohol free. I'm an open minded individual and love to make new friends, so ASK ME STUFF and/or FOLLOW ME c: Music is my passion but art is my life. Honestly, I am a complete mess and it will take more than a summary of my personality for you to actually know me.

I lost my heart, my home is the ocean. The waves underneath will soon be my home. I will fall asleep. I'll close my eyes and dream of days when I wasn't all alone.

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My poor little arms 😥 #theyhurt #bruises #plasma #donating #ouch #thattattootho

I am pretty sure this is the best gif I have seen in my entire life.


If you close your eyes just as it crashes, you feel really relaxed because your brain thinks you’ve actually died for a second.

it scares me how relaxed my brain actually was when i closed my eyes wow

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Came across this is my psychology class; perfect timing.